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Full commercial configuration

Branding your Flowplayer

standalone demo

Please right-click the player and you'll see the context menu. This time we are using the "tube" skin. Note the play button and the "acme the company" logo that shows up before the movie begins. Also note that the logo disappears after 10 seconds.

Logo configuration

// the logo, shown 10 seconds from the start
logo: {
url: '',
fullscreenOnly: false,
displayTime: 10


Play button

// play button
play: {
url: '/media/img/player/btn/play_large_red.png',
width: 83,
height: 83


Context menu

// context menu
contextMenu: [
'Acme Video player 1.0.0',
{'Proceed to the next demo': function() {
location.href = ' /demos/commercial/large-logo.html';


The full list of configuration possibilities is available in the commercial version documentation.