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Basic Configuration

Using your license key

standalone demo

The above player is free from Flowplayer copyright notices and logos (i.e. branding).

This demo shows you the minimal setup necessary for the commercial Flowplayer version. The player setup is identical to all other demos shown here with following exceptions:

  • Use the commercial version of the player: flowplayer.commercial-3.2.18.swf.
  • Supply the license key in the configuration.

Both of these can be downloaded from your account after you have purchased the commercial license from our download page. It's recommended that look at our first demo: minimal Flowplayer installation that describes in more detail how Flowplayer is installed.


The configuration needs to include the license key, otherwise you will be seeing a Flowplayer text showing on top of the video. The installation happens between SCRIPT tags on your HTML page. The license key goes to the 3rd parameter of the flowplayer call, it's included in the flowplayer configuration object.

// license key from your account
key: '#$7162d2d730cf607ac6d'


Note: When you deploy the commercial player inside an IFRAME you must choose the license key for the iframe's origin domain, i.e., the domain in the iframe's SRC attribute. See this demo which displays the standalone demo within an iframe on a different domain.


If for some reason you can still see the Flowplayer branding on your player, go through the following steps:

  • Verify that you are in fact using the commercial player version. You should use a file named flowplayer.commercial-x.x.x.swf and not flowplayer-x.x.x.swf.
  • Check that you have generated the license key for the right domain name. The domain name is checked from the page URL - the one that is on the browser's location bar. Right now in this site the domain is You cannot use the same key on; however, you can use the key on
  • The key property name must be in lower case and the key value cannot contain any extra spaces.
  • The license key must match the player version. For example, a key generated for version 3.0 does not work in version 3.1.
  • If the steps listed above did not help, please turn to our user forum with a link to a minimal sample page, or file a support request.