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Autohide the logo

How to show or hide your logo on mouse hover

standalone demo

Move your mouse over the video to see the logo.


We make the logo autohide and autoshow syncronously with the controlbar by tying the fading of the logo to the onBeforeShowed and onBeforeHidden events of the controlbar plugin and using the 800 ms default value of the hideDuration option in the controlbar's autoHide configuration object.

// license key
key: '#$7162d2d730cf607ac6d' ,
// logo initially has zero opacity
logo: {
url: '',
fullscreenOnly: false,
opacity: 0
plugins: {
// tie logo autohiding to the controlbar
controls: {
onBeforeShowed: function () {
// gradually show on mouseover
this.getPlayer().getLogo().fadeTo(0.7, 800);
onBeforeHidden: function () {
// gradually hide on mouseout
this.getPlayer().getLogo().fadeTo(0, 800);