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Configuring multiple domains

One configuration, multiple websites

You may have multiple domains mapped to the same web site. In a typical scenario you may have .com and .net domains and they point to the same web site. In these cases you need to have multiple license keys for Flowplayer because single key allows the product to work on one domain.


You can supply multiple license keys with key configuration variable as follows:

"", {
key: ['#$7162d2d730cf607ac6d', '#$797923938098779878E', '#$werw8dfaso080987798']


The value is a JavaScript array. The key variable was introduced in Flowplayer 3.2.

Older Version

For older versions you have to do a little more JavaScript to make it happen.

// map domain names to license keys
var keys = {
'' : '#$7162d2d730cf607ac6d',
'' : '#$797923938098779878E',
'' : '#$werw8dfaso080987798'
// use correct key in the installation
$f("player", "", {
key: keys[] || ''