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Hardware Acceleration

Configuring Flowplayer to use accelerated video rendering

standalone demo

Flowplayer supports the Stage Video API that was introduced in Flash Player 10.2. Stage Video enables beautiful, high-performance video playback across platforms. Stage Video helps websites deliver best-in-class video across screens and browsers by enabling access to hardware acceleration of the entire video pipeline.

The player container

The HTML code just contains the player container.

<!-- player container-->


Javascript code

To enable hardware acceleration add wmode: 'direct' to the Flash configuration and accelerated: true to the settings of the clip object in the player configuration.

flowplayer("player", {
// flash configuration
src: "",
// required for hardware accelaration to take effect
wmode: "direct"
}, {
// player configuration
clip: {
// enable hardware acceleration
accelerated: true


Note that this feature is not supported by some browsers and/or systems. The Flash plugin will then fail over to software acceleration silently.