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In-stream Playlists

Display promotional videos at any point during the video

standalone demo

Flowplayer (> version 3.1.1) allows you to configure in-stream playlists. These are playlists inside a clip. The above demo shows three in-stream clips before, in the middle and after the main video.


In-stream playlists are configured identically to normal playlists. They are simply placed inside a clip rather than in the root of the configuration. The duration property specifies the timing of the clip in relation to the parent video.

flowplayer("rolls", "", {
// the "parent" clip
clip: {
// baseUrl for both parent and instream clips
baseUrl: '',
// duration for the parent clip
duration: 10,
// instream playlist
playlist: [
// before the parent clip starts (ie. "pre-roll")
{url: 'KimAronson-TwentySeconds59483.flv', duration: 2, position: 0},
// in the middle of the parent clip (ie. "mid-roll") starting at
// 5 seconds
{url: 'KimAronson-TwentySeconds58192.flv', duration: 3, position: 5},
// at the end of the parent clip (ie. "post-roll")
{url: 'KimAronson-TwentySeconds63617.flv', duration: 4, position: -1}