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Splash image using a playlist

Use the player to show the splash

standalone demo

You can also show a splash image inside the player by adding an image as the first clip in the player's playlist. This configuration is good when you want to prebuffer your videos so that they play immediately when the user presses play. Prebuffering is not possible with the regular splash image setting.


We have two entries in a playlist. The first clip is an image and the second clip is a video file. The video file clip has its autoPlay property set to false so that it does not start without user interaction.

flowplayer("player", "",  {
// here is our playlist with two clips
playlist: [
// this first PNG clip works as a splash image
url: "/media/img/title/screens.png",
scaling: 'orig'
// second clip is a video. when autoPlay is set to false the splash screen
// will be shown
url: '',
autoPlay: false,
// video will be buffered when splash screen is visible
autoBuffering: true