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Mixed playlists

Flowplayer playlists with pictures, video and audio.

standalone demo

Each playlist clip can be configured individually and properties defined for common clip are shared by all entries in the playlist. Here is an example playlist that combines several different media types:


This Flowplayer configuration uses a single playlist array with multiple clip definitions.

$f("player", "", {
// common clip: these properties are common to each clip in the playlist
clip: {
// by default clip lasts 5 seconds
duration: 5
// playlist with five entries
playlist: [
// JPG image
// SWF file
{url: "/media/swf/clock.swf", scaling: "fit"},
// video
// another image. works as splash for the audio clip
{url: "/media/img/demos/national.jpg", duration: 0},
// audio, requires audio plugin. custom duration
{url: "/media/data/fake_empire.mp3", duration: 25}
// show playlist buttons in controlbar
plugins: {
controls: {
playlist: true,
// use tube skin with a different background color
url: "flowplayer.controls-tube-3.2.16.swf",
backgroundColor: '#aedaff'


JavaScript coders can use event properties on the playlist entries. Each playlist clip can have their own event listeners and events specified for common clip are triggered for each clip.