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RSS Playlists

Change the videos in Flowplayer without editing your site

standalone demo

Flowplayer (> version 3.1.1) allows you to configure RSS playlists. These playlists are loaded from an external file which uses the Media RSS XML syntax for describing clips. This example has four videos in a playlist.

The Playlist

The following snippet contains the RSS file that is used as the source for the above video. You can define custom properties, durations and links for the individual clips.

<rss version="2.0" 
<title>Example media RSS playlist</title>
<!-- The title goes to the clip as a custom property -->
<title>Happy Feet</title>
<!-- description goes to the clip as a custom property -->
<description>A custom property for a clip</description>
<!-- media:credit goes to the clip as a custom
property called 'media:credit' -->
<media:credit role="author">Kim Aronson</media:credit>
<!-- media:content is used as the clip URL -->
url="KimAronson-TwentySeconds58192.flv" type="video/x-flv" />

<!-- media:thumbnail is used to set a splash image into the playlist. -->
<media:thumbnail url="/media/img/title/screens.png" />

<!-- you can set flowplayer specific properties for the thumbnail
using a fp:thumbnail element -->
<fp:thumbnail scaling="orig" />
<title>Beach and palms</title>
<media:credit role="author">Kim Aronson</media:credit>
url="KimAronson-TwentySeconds63617.flv" type="video/x-flv" />
<title>Brown Carpet</title>
<!-- the link element is mapped to the clip's linkUrl property -->
<media:credit role="author">Kim Aronson</media:credit>
<!-- custom duration -->
<media:content url="KimAronson-TwentySeconds73213.flv"
duration="5" type="video/x-flv" />
<title>Stuff on a table</title>
<media:credit role="author">Kim Aronson</media:credit>
url="KimAronson-TwentySeconds71844.flv" type="video/x-flv" />



Just a simple player container with dimensions.

<!-- player container-->
<div style="width:586px;height:440px;" id="player"></div>


Flowplayer Configuration

The playlist property has a value that is simply a path to the RSS-formatted playlist file.

flowplayer("player", "", {
// common clip properties are valid for the RSS playlist entries
clip: {
baseUrl: ''
// playlist is configured from a RSS playlist file
playlist: "/demos/standalone/configuration/playlist.rss",

// show playlist buttons
plugins: {
controls: {
url: "flowplayer.controls-tube-3.2.16.swf",
playlist: true


Follow this link to see the same demo configured with a visible playlist plugin. You can also include Flowplayer specific configuration options in RSS. See Flowplayer RSS playlist documentation for more information about using RSS.