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Fullscreen only videos

Best practices for full screen only videos

standalone demo

(fullscreen mode won't be entered with this button)

It is a bad practice to play a video full screen without user's consent. This demo suggests the best practices to follow for serving full screen only videos. This demo also shows how Flash security settings work when we attempt to go to full screen mode by scripting. The fact is that you can only enter the full screen mode if it's triggered by direct using interaction on the Flash object itself. Other kinds of attempts are prevented by Flash security.

In version 3.1.1 we introduced a new Flowplayer API method called toggleFullscreen which can be used to enter and exit from fullscreen mode. In the following demo we call that method inside onResume event listener. You can see that it works when pause is hit from the player but it wont work when you press the HTML button, it just plays the video without entering fullscreen.


flowplayer("player", "", {
play: {
label: "Play fullscreen"
clip: {
autoPlay: false,
autoBuffering: true,
onResume: function() {
if (!this.isFullscreen()) {
plugins: {
controls: {
tooltips: {
// enable english tooltips on all buttons
buttons: true,
// customized text for buttons
play: 'Play fullscreen'


HTML Button

<button type="button" onClick="$f().toggle()">Play/Pause</button>
<small>(fullscreen mode won't be entered with this button)</small>