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Generating embed code

Generate video embedding code for your users

standalone demo

You can offer video embedding code for your site's visitors. Your visitors can copy and paste the code directly to their own site and the player will work without additional setup. Flowplayer's embedding plugin provides this functionality.

Note that we also have flash plugin for this purpose and you might prefer using that instead of the JavaScript alternative that is discussed here.

You can use any configuration in your player and the embedding plugin does the hard work on making it paste-able on other websites. Commercial versions won't have the logo. However the plugin cannot embed any JavaScript events that you may have in your configuration.

In this demo we have a very simple player setup and its embedding code is on the right. You can copy and paste it on your site or even on your hard disc and it should work on the fly. Try it! (You can select the code with CTRL-A).

HTML code

<!-- player container-->
<a href="" class="player"
style="display:block;width:425px;height:300px;margin:10px auto"
<!-- here is a textarea element where the embed code is placed -->
<textarea id="embedcode"></textarea>
<br class="clear"/>



// install flowplayer
$f("player", "");
// place embedding code to the textarea
document.getElementById("embedcode").innerHTML = $f().embed().getEmbedCode();