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Enabling iPad compatibility

Learn how to show your fantastic videos on the Apple iPad without flash

standalone demo

This example shows how to use the iPad plugin. You can view this page with your iPad and the video plays embedded in this page. When you access this page with a regular web browser it gracefully degrades to use the Flash based Flowplayer.


The player container has the video URL in its href value. Note that for iDevices it needs to be in a format supported by QuickTime. FLV will not work.

<!-- player container-->
<a href="" class="player"
style="display:block;width:425px;height:300px;margin:10px auto"


We recommend to use a splash image or any other HTML inside the player container so that the player will not be loaded until the container is clicked. This offers a better experience for iPhone and iPad users with limited bandwidth.


We just add the ipad() call to the Flowplayer embedding call.

$f("player", "").ipad();