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Horizontal Scrollable Playlists

Create horizontal playlists that work beautifully on iPad

standalone demo

Horizontal scrolling is implemented using the playlist plugin as well. Horizontal playlists are very common across the web and this demo shows how to make one for your website.

The background gradient and the playlist entries are normal PNG images that you can easily change. You can also include images as playlist entries. You can use this setup to show video suggestions (proposals, related videos) - to present recommended videos after the featured video ends. It's easy to toggle visibility of this playlist by calling $("div.playlist_wrap").slideToggle(). Try it with the above button!

Caveat: If you use the playlist plugin's manual configuration like in the above demo, make sure to set the scrollable tool's circular property to false (the default) in conjunction with the playlist plugin.

With the playlist plugin's internal configuration install the player before the scrollable setup.