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Toggle between HD and SD

Providing an interface to choose between HD and SD

standalone demo

The bitrate selection plugin offers a simple interface to toggle between High Definition and Standard Definition video. A HD button is presented to the user in the controlbar and another one on screen.

The switching information is shown in a splash screen on top of the video, but note that switching happens asynchronously and it takes a while before it is completed. You need to wait a bit after pressing the button. These delays happen because of client-server communication and because the previous stream data is first consumed from the buffer. Only then the data corresponding to the next bitrate can be processed and played.





The configuration is simple: You need the plugin in the configuration and the bitrates defined in the clip object.

The JavaScript used for the above demo is shown below:

flowplayer("player", "", {
clip: {
provider: 'rtmp',
autoPlay: false,
urlResolvers: 'brselect',
// preserve aspect ratios
scaling: 'fit',
bitrates: [
// use the 800 kbps item by default, the SD item, marked with sd: true
{ url: "mp4:bbb-800", bitrate: 800, sd: true, isDefault: true },
// this is the HD item, marked with hd: true
{ url: "mp4:bbb-1600", bitrate: 1600, hd: true }
plugins: {
brselect: {
url: "flowplayer.bitrateselect-3.2.14.swf",

// comment this out in production
onStreamSwitch: function (newItem) {
$f().getPlugin('content').setHtml("Switched to: " + newItem.streamName);
rtmp: {
url: "flowplayer.rtmp-3.2.13.swf",
netConnectionUrl: 'rtmp://'
content: {
url: "flowplayer.content-3.2.9.swf",
top: 0, left: 0, width: 400, height: 150,
backgroundColor: 'transparent', backgroundGradient: 'none', border: 0,
textDecoration: 'outline',
style: {
body: {
fontSize: 14,
fontFamily: 'Arial',
textAlign: 'center',
color: '#ffffff'


Note: By default the plugin selects the first item of the bitrates list at start of playback. Marking an item with isDefault: true select this item and also makes the splash screen appear at start.