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Basic pseudo-streaming

How to allow seeking to any point in the timeline

standalone demo

This needs some configuration work on the server side. Servers that support this technology includes lighttpd and nginx. Luckily for example HDDN provides pseudo-streaming support without any configuration. Take a look at the psuedo-streaming plugin documentation for more information about this important technology.

Click on the above video and try seeking to unbuffered areas in the timeline.


Here is the Javascript configuration for the above example:

flowplayer("player", "", {
// this will enable pseudostreaming support
plugins: {
pseudo: {
url: "flowplayer.pseudostreaming-3.2.13.swf"
// clip properties
clip: {
url: 'Extremists.flv',
// make this clip use pseudostreaming plugin with "provider" property
provider: 'pseudo',
// all videos under this baseUrl support pseudostreaming on the server side
baseUrl: ''


Remember that you should also prepare your video files for pseudo-streaming.