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Customize control bar tooltips

Internationalize your video player

standalone demo

Control bar tooltips were added in version 3.1. This demo shows you how to customize those tooltips. Move your mouse over the control bar and see our customized tooltips in action.

By default tooltips are enabled for the timeline (or scrubber) and for the volume slider. Here we add tooltips for all buttons and customize the colors.


flowplayer("player", "", {
plugins: {
controls: {
// tooltips configuration
tooltips: {
// enable english tooltips on all buttons
buttons: true,
// customized texts for buttons
play: 'Jatka',
pause: 'Pysäytä',
fullscreen: 'Koko ruutu'
// background color for all tooltips
tooltipColor: '#112233',
// text color
tooltipTextColor: '#8899ff'
// pause on first frame of the video
clip: {
autoPlay: false,
autoBuffering: true


Read more about tooltip configuration.