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Overlay sharing features

Learn how to show email and embed features in an overlay

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This has significant benefits:

  • You can layout your forms the way you like.
  • The look and feel is controlled with CSS. Every aspect of the previous demo can be controlled by you.
  • You can use your own messages in your own language!
  • You can add more tabs which can contain whatever content you want.

Email and embedding can be done in many ways. This demo area introduces you to two different examples.

Note: The email feature is disabled at the moment. We don’t want to take a risk of being listed as a spamming site.


When sharing dialogs are present, the player is hidden and set to its paused state. When sharing is closed, the player resumes. The trick is to use the hide() and show() methods from the Flowplayer API that can handle these kinds of situations. If you just hide the Flash components using the CSS setting display:none, then the Flash is unloaded and needs to re-initialize itself again when being shown.

In this example, the email form is sent to using the JSONP technology that allows you to invoke AJAX services with JavaScript that is located on a different domain than where your page is located. However, you can implement your own form submission the way you want.

Here is a list of form fields that the mailing service uses:

Field name Extra Description
to required Recipient addresses. Multiple addresses need to be separated by commas.
message optional A user supplied message
userFromName optional Name of the sender
userFromEmail optional Email of the sender
fromEmail hidden The default sender email when user does not supply their own.
fromName hidden The default sender name when user does not supply their own.
subject hidden The default subject for the message. If not given, the first 50 characters from the message body is used as the subject.
url hidden A link to the video page that is appended to the message body.
header hidden If the user does not supply any message body, this field value is used as a default message.