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Display video ads from Adotube

Here is the Adotube plugin in action. Wait for a few seconds to see the ad. Below the video you'll find the configuration.


  • Supports multiple pre-, mid- and post-roll ads, and multiple companions per ad.
  • Rich interactive overlays
  • Flexible pricing models
  • Open Source, with code hosted in the Flowplayer Subversion respository



The omlSource variable is the only required variable in order to display ads using the Adotube plugin. The other variables are optional, unless your placement will require a more advanced configuration.

$f("player", "", {
// the Adotube plugin is configured here
plugins: {
adotube: {
url: 'AdotubePlugin.swf',
// encode the query part of the following url as it contains ampersands
omlSource: '' +
// publisher dynamic settings
publisherName: '',
pdv_video_title: 'Test Video',
pdv_video_tags: 'tag1 tag2 tag3',
onNoAdAvailable: function() {
// If Adotube returns no ads for display this event will be dispatched.
// Code to handle this case should be placed here.
this.loadPlugin("content", "flowplayer.content-3.2.9.swf", {
html: '<strong>onNoAdAvailable</strong> event triggered!'


Below is a complete list of configuration options of the plugin:

Property nameDescription


The URL of the Adotube plugin's swf file.


Source of the configuration file obtained from the Publisher Management Console, for example,



video title


tags separated with spaces, for example, tag1 tag2 tag3


[OPTIONAL] Location of the Overstream Platform, for example,


Basically, the only variable that is needed for the plugin to function correctly is the omlSource. This variable is actually pointing to a URL where the OML file can be found. The OML is an XML-type file used to describe how the placement will behave. The adotube_omlSource variable will be obtained after you register with us and create a placement in our Publisher Management Console.

The overstreamPlatformURL variable is optional. It should be specified only in case the Adotube Platform (the Overstream Platform) is loading from a different location than the default one i.e. the Adotube servers.

Publisher Dynamic Variables

If specified, the Dynamic Variables override the corresponding variables from the Adotube Video Placement. These variables are the ones that have the pdv_ prefix and should be created dynamically using server-side scripting for each video.

The pdv_video_title variable should contain the video title for that specific video.

The pdv_video_tags variable should contain the video tags for that specific video.

Company Description

Adotube is a premium online video advertising network which focuses on delivering messages in an overlay format. Our reach, targeting capabilities, creative services and flexible pricing models allow us to work with all types of media buyers to help them accomplish their campaign goals.