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The Doubleclick For Publishers (DFP by Google, former DART) plugin allows you to monetize your video using one of the most professional advertising network. It can display overlays, prerolls , midrolls and postrolls with custom ad logics using the Doubleclick network. It can also be used with AdRules, a new feature of DFP which allows you to schedule your ads directly through your DFP dashboard, making it very simple to configure but that also offers the ability to display 'ad-breaks' (several video ads at the row).

It features companion ads, all the required tracking and is fully configurable through Javascript.

Why choose DFP?

  • Doubleclick is a world leading ad network that will offer you quality advertisers and high CPMs
  • Aggregates different ad sources and optimize your revenue without hassles
  • Better than a simple VAST-compliant plugin, the DFP plugin is built on the official Doubleclick SDK in order to bring Rich Ad Media ads to your users
  • Rock-solid implementation: based on Doubleclick's official SDK and done by a Flowplayer team member, you're sure you won't lose any ad impression
  • Free ad serving with advanced targeting and reporting options
  • Free updates of the plugin, low upfront fee
  • Tons of world-known advertisers eager to buy your ad space
  • Sell your unused ad space using AdSense

Features overview

  • AdRules: DFP feature. Define directly your ad scheduling logic in your dfp dashboard and use the given adTagUrl with the plugin, configurating couldn't be easier.
  • Scheduled linear ads: smart ad preloading, your users won't have to wait. If an ad is scheduled, we'll make sure that it's loaded by the time you want it displayed.
  • Configurable linear ad label: Use the timeText paramater of the plugin to display a message with the remaining time while a linear ad is beeing played. Simple, elegant, powerful.
  • Companion ads: increase your incomes by adding banners, skyscrapers or flash ads around your player. Synchronized ads creates a more immersive environment without lowering the user experience.
  • Complete tracking system: Track every event raised by the ad playback and access the ad properties from Javascript.
  • Officially supported plugin: this plugin has been developed by members of the flowplayer team who are actively working on the player.
  • Premium support: if you encounter any issues with the plugin, be sure to get a quick and solid support from the plugin's developers.

Reach us

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