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See the LiveRail plugin in action

You will receive the documentation after signing up with LiveRail - look for the form at the bottom of this page.

Features and benefits

  • In-stream pre-rolls and post-rolls
  • Overlay advertisments with video
  • Manage your own advertising and your existing partnerships via LiveRail's technology
  • Receive ads from LiveRail's advertising partners


$f("player", "", {
plugins: {
liverail: {
url: "/media/swf/LiveRailPlugin320.swf",
LR_LAYOUT_SKIN_MESSAGE: 'Advertisement. Video will resume in {COUNTDOWN} seconds.'


About LiveRail

The following is how LiveRail describes their services and products:


LiveRail delivers technology solutions that enable and enhance the monetization of internet-distributed video. By focusing specifically on challenges and opportunities created by online video, our tools are designed to be easier, more efficient and more effective that traditional display ad servers to deliver and track advertising into this exciting new medium.


LiveRail AdServer is an industry-leading platform to manage, target, display and track advertising in online video. LiveRail's next generation ad-serving suite empowers publishers and advertisers with the tools needed to effectively manage the monetization of online video. AdServer's powerful, flexible tools maximize the potential of the video medium; freeing you from the constraints and complexities created by attempting to manage video advertising on legacy banner ad-platforms.


With Junction, publishers can select, optimize, display and track ads from multiple partners, all through a single integration.

Junction gives publishers the flexibility to request and display ads from any ad-source, ad-network or ad-server without having to make adjustments to their media player or technology back end. By using Junction, publishers reduce the lead time to going live with a new ad partners, minimizing unfilled inventory and maximizing revenue. Junction's intelligent approach to ad-selection ensures that your viewers are shown the most relevant and highest value advertising in each available ad-slot. Junction also takes care of the complex process of distributing available inventory among partners and content owners; allowing you to divide available inventory according to rights, and track revenue share accordingly.

Junction Connect

Junction Connect leverages our extensive advertising relationships bringing premium advertising to our partners. Using LiveRail's existing technology we offer advertising that can be used as a backfill provider by publishers; allowing publishers to continue prioritizing their own in-house advertising relationships, while taking advantage of our network to maximize potential revenue.