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Serve ads from Videoplaza

Videoplaza helps premium media publishers to monetize their online video with out-of-the-box ad formats and a dedicated video ad management and reporting tool.

Videoplaza Monetizer, an ad server for video, is specifically built with premium media publishers in mind, enabling you to manage, present, and track advertising in and around your online video.

Through its plugin architecture Videoplaza Monetizer can provide extensive real time reporting enhancing insights and accountability. With flexible APIs clients can further enhance the product by adding new ad formats or customizing existing ones. The integration with Flowplayer can be up and running within minutes.


With its 'made for video' traffic user interface Videoplaza Monetizer reduces ad operation headaches and costs. Monetizer also comes with several major ad networks integrated enabling you to maximize your revenues by leveraging even your unsold inventory. Videoplaza is a market leader in Scandinavia, working with leading broadcasters, newspapers and other ad-funded online video properties. Check our site for a full client list. Originally based in Stockholm the company now has offices in London, Paris and Copenhagen. Our global infrastructure enables us to help clients globally.


$f("player", "", {
clip: {
// ad tags
tags: ['flowplayer', 'rocks']
plugins: {
// the videoplaza plugin
videoplaza: {
url: "/media/swf/vp_plugin.swf",
// the publisher id, you'll get this when you sign up an account with Videoplaza
controls: {
autoHide: 'never'
rtmp: {
url: "flowplayer.rtmp-3.2.13.swf"


The configuration to set up the plugin is shown above. The plugin works with all streaming methods, in this example we use RTMP.


  • Up and running in Flowplayer within minutes.
  • Support for interactive pre-, mid- and postrolls, overlays and companion banners.
  • Video specific ad management tool with extensive real time reporting.
  • One-click activation of leading video ad networks for monetization of unsold inventory.
  • Tailored (and appreciated) workshops with your ad operations and sales teams.


  • Better end user experience and maximized inventory with carefully designed and tested ad formats.
  • Better accountability and ad performance insights.
  • Less ad operation headache through 'made for video' traffic management.
  • Know-how through workshops and support, delivered with a smile
  • We love what we do