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The Cloudfront secure streaming allows you to securely stream content from your Amazon S3 bucket.

Amazon Cloudfront provides an easy way to do secure streaming through signed URLs. This prevents people to hotlink your streams and display videos using the bandwith YOU are paying for.

The plugin will create an URL that will be only valid for a couple of minutes (you can define it) using your own Amazon Cloudfront private key. It will also check the domain it is ran on to prevent leaching of the plugin itself. That way, you are sure your videos won't be put on third party websites using your resources.

In this section:

Minimal Configuration

A typical minimal installation contains the RTMP plugin and the Cloudfront plugin. You only need to load the plugins and configure your bucket/distribution to get started.

flowplayer("player", "", {
clip: {
url: "mp4:video/flowplayer-700",
autoPlay: true,
autoBuffering: true,
provider: 'rtmp',
urlResolver: 'cloudfront'
log: {
level: "debug",
filter: 'org.flowplayer.cloudfrontsignedurl.*'
plugins: {
rtmp: {
url: "flowplayer.rtmp-3.2.13.swf",
netConnectionUrl: 'rtmp://'
cloudfront: {
url: "flowplayer.cloudfrontsignedurl-1.0.swf"


Cloudfront setup overview

A few steps are required to secure your content:

  • Generate a key pair
  • Create your Cloudfront Access Origin Identity
  • Setup your secure streaming distribution
  • Define the correct ACL on your bucket, allowing only Cloudfront to access your content through signed URLs
  • Setup a Flowplayer development environment by checkouting the sources and set up the Flex SDK
  • Compile the plugin with your key builtin
  • Update your Flowplayer configuration accordingly

Premium support

As compiling the plugin and doing the initial setup of Cloudfront is quite a tricky part, we assist you all along the process. We can compile the plugin for you using your private key and we can handle the whole configuration of Cloudfront.

The initial setup of Cloudfront includes:

  • Creation of the secure distribution
  • Setup of the Cloudfront Access Origin
  • Configuration of the S3 bucket of your choice: modification of the ACL to only allow secure streaming
  • Explanations on how to set up the ACL on new files in the bucket


Features Premium Standard
Compilation of the plugin
Cloudfront initial setup
1 hour of support included
Additional hour of support 150 € 150 €
Price 599.00 199.00


For the compilation of the plugin, we will need:

  • The list of domains that will be authorized to stream your secure content
  • Your key pair id and private key (more info)

For the Cloudfront initial setup, we also need:

  • Your Cloudfront access keys (not your amazon credentials) to configure the distribution (more info)
  • The name of the S3 bucket (or folder inside) used as source of the secure distribution