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Stream content from vzaar video hosting platform

Setup video playback with progressive download through vzaar with no special configurations.

About vzaar

In their own words:

vzaar is a video platform that offers an end to end service for you to use with FlowPlayer.


Once the video is uploaded to vzaar, we host it for you, deliver it via a leading global CDN and monitor your usage. We also have a REST based API for more advanced integrations.

Our top quality encoding includes the following great features:

  • Encode directly into web video formats of FLV or MP4 (iPhone compatible)
  • All major video formats supported
  • Encode to multiple sizes, including HD
  • Upload up to 2GB videos
  • No restriction on duration
  • Watermark your videos with your company logo or message
  • Automatic generation of poster frames and thumbnails
  • Replace a video without changing your embed or player code

HTML coding

Note the still image below that we use as a splash. vzaar generates this for you when you upload your video.

href points to the video file hosted by vzaar, using the unique video number.
You can get your video number from your vzaar video page.
The splash image is specified in the backgound-image css tag.
vzaar generates this image for you.
<a href=""
<!-- play button -->
<img src="/media/img/player/btn/play_large.png"
alt="Play this video"


Flowplayer configuration

flowplayer("player", "");


Sign up

Proceed to the website to learn more and to sign up.