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flowplayer 3.2.15

Release notes

September 2012

This is a maintenance release with some bugfixes in the player and in following plugins:

  • bwcheck
  • controls
  • bitrateselect
  • menu
  • pseudostreaming
  • sharing
  • viralvideos

Full list of changes here.

flowplayer 3.2.14

Release notes

August 11, 2012

This release fixes a license key verification problem in version 3.2.13. The fix is in the player SWF.

flowplayer 3.2.13

Release notes

August 8, 2012

This is a maintenance release with some bugfixes in following plugins:

  • audio
  • bitrateselect
  • cluster
  • controls
  • httpstreaming
  • ipad.js
  • menu
  • pseudostreaming
  • rtmp
  • sharing
  • slowmotion
  • viralvideos

The Viralvideos plugin in particular has received a lot of love. Full list of changes here.

flowplayer 3.2.12

Release notes

June, 2012

New flowplayer.js version 3.2.11 that fixes a fullscreen issue with Android. New Controlbar version adding accessibility labels which can be read with screen readers. autoHide configuration fixed in Controls, Viralvideos, Sharing and Bitrateselect plugins.

New versions of the iPad and Playlist JavaScript plugins. Full list of changes here.

flowplayer 3.2.11

Release notes

April 20, 2012

New flowplayer.js version 3.2.10 that now requires Flash version 10.1. Flowplayer's minimum Flash version requirement is 10.1 and flowplayer.js is now in line with this.

Some bugs were fixed in the RTMP, Viral Videos, Bandwidth Detection, Bitrate Selection and iPad plugins. You can see a more detailed list of changes here.

flowplayer 3.2.10

Release notes

April 20, 2012

Fixes a problem in the scrubber: It was not possible to seek by dragging the scrubber handle, only by clicking on the scrubber's timeline bar. There's also a new flowplayer.js version 3.2.9 with a fix for passing in quotation marks in the player's configuration.

There are new versions of following plugins: Audio, Controls, Bitrate Select, Bwcheck, Menu and Viral Videos.

You can see a more detailed list of changes here.

Flowplayer 3.2.9 release notes

March 22, 2012

This release fixes some issues that were found in our previous 3.2.8 version that was released earlier this month. The most critical of these issues was the inability to configure the colors of the controlbar's scrubber/progress bar. Also the new stage video based hardware acceleration was accidentally left completely disabled.

You can see a more detailed list of changes here.

Flowplayer 3.2.8 release notes

March 9, 2012

We admit it. It's been a long time since the last Flowplayer update. However, we haven't been idle. We've been working on the next Flowplayer release. A brand new, completely rewritten Flowplayer for the HTML5 world + a few other (big!) things. In preparation for this, we've revamped our website. Apart from a new design, the entire website is static. All the dynamic portions are separated into JSON based services.

This release of Flowplayer is not a tiny one either. In addition to handsome new features, it packs the longest list of fixes ever.

  • Slowmotion and Fastplay

    Interactively control the video playback speed. Now supported also for Adobe FMS, see it in action here.

  • Adobe HTTP Streaming

    Random seeking to any part of the timeline at any time, support for H264 and VP6 codecs, Multi-bitrate streaming, among other things. There is a new HTTP streaming plugin with all this and more.

  • Hardware accelerated playback

    The player now takes advantage of the video hardware, lowering the CPU load. Here is a demo with HD video.

  • New multipurpose menu plugin

    There is a new menu plugin that is good for bitrate selection and, for example, things like for showing related videos.

  • Bitrate selection enhancements

    We have a new menu based approach for bitrate selection. We also have a new JavaScript bitrate selection plugin for those who prefer the flexibility it provides. In addition to these we have a new cool splash that is displayed when switching between HD and SD modes.

  • Improvements and bugfixes

    This update sees the longest list of improvements and fixes ever in a Flowplayer update.

Flowplayer 3.2.7 release notes

Flowplayer 3.2.7 addresses some issues that were found in the 3.2.6 release. It also adds user interface enhancements to the new HD selection feature. There's also a new Google AdSense advertising plugin available from Bigsool.

  • Flowplayer 3.2.7

    Loads the new controlbar version. No other functional changes.

  • Controls 3.2.5

    • Several usability enhancements.
    • Fixed: scrubber was not moving with RTMP audio: Issue 190
  • Pseudostreaming 3.2.7

    The plugin now comes with two versions, the byte-range enabled version is now in a different SWF to reduce the size of the standard version that does not have the byte range request powered seeking support.

  • Bandwidth detection 3.2.5

    User interface enhancements to the new HD selection feature. Shows a new splash image on top of the video when the HD mode is toggled.

  • Secure streaming 3.2.3

    Does not show an error message "cluster plugin not found in configuration" any more: Issue 208

  • Viral Videos 3.2.5

    Fixes: - fixed error when share.facebook: false, Issue 207 - the dock button were clickable even when they were hidden: Issue 206 - disabling email/embed/share did not remove the dock button: Issue 205

  • SMIL 3.2.2

    SMIL parser now can process attributes to enable the HD selection button.

  • Sharing 3.2.1

    Compatible with the changed Dock API.

  • Google Adsense 1.6 beta

    A new Google AdSense video advertising plugin. This is the first AdSense for Video program available for smaller sites. So far AdSense for Video has been restricted only to sites with minimum 15 million video streams per month.

    • Get access to AdSense For Video instantly
    • The ads scheduling is easy to configure
    • YouTube-like ads

Flowplayer 3.2.6 release notes

New plugin for viral sharing

We have a new streamlined plugin for viral video sharing. It's called Sharing and it provides a simple and easy user experience for sharing video links via email, embed codes and via Facebook and Twitter.

You can see the plugin in action here. There are four buttons that take the user to the destination right away without any additional steps: It's sharing with one click!

Selecting between HD and SD

For years you have been able to use our bandwidth detection plugin for selecting and switching between videos encoded in different bitrates. We have now enhanced this with buttons that are easy to setup and provide the users a simple way to switch between HD (high definition) and SD (standard definiton) video formats. You can see the buttons in action here.

Amazon Cloudfront secure streaming plugin

The Cloudfront secure streaming plugin allows you to securely stream content from your Amazon S3 bucket. This is a new plugin from Bigsool.

  • New and updated demos
  • New Sharing plugin
  • New Sharing plugin, custom configured
  • Selecting between HD and SD
  • Cloudfront secure streaming

Flowplayer 3.2.6


  • linkUrl should now work better with popup blockers: Issue 31
  • new value "_popup" added to clip. Opens the linked page in a popup browser window.
  • added new onResized clip event
  • Added new onUnload event, can be only listened in Flash and not triggered to JS
  • JS API: Added new url property to plugin objects


  • it was not possible to call play() in an onFinish listener
  • fix to preserve the infoObject for custom netStream and netConnection clients in cases where the infoObject is a primitive object without properties
  • does not show the error dialog in the debugger player when showErrors: false
  • fixed to correctly handle subdomains when validating the license key
  • a custom logo is now sized correctly according to the configured size
  • does not show the buffer animation any more when the player receives the onBufferEmpty message from the netStream. The animation was unnecessarily shown in some situations.
  • fixed issue #155. added new urlEncoding property to Clip, causes the URL value to be UTF8 url-encoded. Needed for URLs with international characters.

  • Analytics 3.2.2

    Now tracks the total time users spend viewing the videis. Total time gets accumulated if the user seeks backwards and repeatedly views parts of the video. - improved error handling - fixed a problem with playlists - The Bridge mode is no longer supported

  • Audio 3.2.2

    Now can download cover images from different domains without cross-domain security errors

  • Cluster 3.2.3

    fixed to work when there is a RTMP plugin in player config, and it does not contain any configuration. durationFunc lookup was failing in this case.

  • Viral Videos 3.2.4

    • removed config property popupOnClip, introduced shareWindow" with values "_self", "_blank", "_parent", "_top", "_popup". the default is "_popup"
    • Removed line breaks from the embed code
    • Embed code: The plugin URLs are not touched if they are complete URLs
    • Added new configuration option dock: Issue 151
    • Fixed: Embed code did not work correctly with RSS or SMIL playlists
  • Bandwidth Detection 3.2.4

    • Now works without configuring netConnectionUrl for the plugin, in this case the netConnectionUrl value is taken from the clip. Also works when it's resolved by the SMIL plugin etc.
    • Fix for using bwcheck with the playlist JS plugin
  • Sharing 3.2.0

    • Initial release.
  • Controls 3.2.4

    • Play/pause button was left in wrong state when started playing after a stop() call or a stop button click
    • The tooltip texts are not treated as HTML any more. This way you can have labels like ''
    • Scrubber fixed to work with instream clips
  • Captions 3.2.3

    The external method names are now loadCaptions() and addCaptions()

  • Pseudostreaming 3.2.6

    Pseudostreaming was causing cuepoints to be skipped. As a results subtitles shown using the captions plugin were skipped too.

  • Secure streaming 3.2.2

    Added support for the cluster plugin

  • Slow Motion 3.2.1

    Compatible with the latest controlbar version (slow motion buttons)